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From face washers to huge bath sheets, Sporlight offers many beautiful bath towel sets in a wide range of colours. Shop our range online or in-store!

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Where can I buy towel collections online?

Spotlight offers many different towel collections from well-known brands like KOO, Canningvale, Brampton House, Duex Fils, Dri Glo, Luxury Living and Adison, among many others. Whatever style or size of towel you're looking for, you're likely to find it in one of our towel collections.

What is the purpose of a towel collection?

Towel collections allow you to have matching sets of towels that will complement your existing bathroom decor. They can add a splash of colour to any bathroom, and also add a great finishing touch to a newly remodelled bathroom.

When you have multiple sets of towels, you can ensure that your towels are always coordinated. You can buy a single towel in every size offered in a collection, but you can also buy multiple pieces of the same size so you'll always have spare towels on hand. Since some towels are going to be used more often than others, having spare towels from the same collection ensures that you'll always have fresh towels that match.

What is included in a towel collection?

A towel collection is essentially a set of matching towels that come in different standard sizes.

The most common towel sizes and their average measurements are:

  • Bath Towels - 140 x 70 cm
  • Bath Sheets - 160 x 80 cm
  • Face Washers - 33 x 33 cm
  • Hand Towels - 60 x 40 cm
  • Bath Mats - 80 x 50 cm

Each towel in a collection serves a specific purpose. Bath towels and bath sheets, for example, are meant to dry off your whole body, while face washers and hand towels are perfectly sized for the hands and face respectively. You can use a towel for different purposes, but having the right size of towel certainly makes the job all the more convenient.

What are the different towels in a collection used for?

Bath towels are the most common type of towel you're likely using every day. These are large enough to wrap around your body and are also usually wrapped over the head to dry off wet hair.

Bath sheets are much larger than bath towels and can be used to completely cover up your whole body without leaving any gaps or too much skin exposed. These offer a more luxurious after bath experience and are the towel of choice when you go to a spa. However, because of its larger size, you can't easily wrap it around your head and you can only put a few bath sheets in the washer at a time.

Face washers are the smallest towels you can buy in a towel collection. These are just the right size to cover your face and are usually used for cleaning, washing and drying the face. Face washers are also ideal for cleaning makeup off of your face or clearing up your pores when used as a hot towel. Using towels exclusively for your face ensures that you won't be rubbing off oils, dirt and bacteria from the rest of your body on to your face. This minimises the chances of skin irritations and blemishes like acne.

Hand towels are similar in size to face washers, but are usually twice as long. This makes it the perfect size for drying off both hands. Hand towels are usually hung in bathrooms and kitchens where you're routinely getting your hands dirty and washing them off. Having hand towels within easy reach ensures that your regular bath towels stay clean and dry up until the time you actually need to use them. You can also easily replace dirty hand towels with fresh ones several times a week since they're much easier to wash than regular sized towels.

Bath mats are usually place on bathroom floors next to bath tubs, showers and sinks. Bath mats absorb the excess moisture from your feet when you step out of the shower or bath tub. These also help keep you bathroom floors dry by absorbing splashes and spills and prevent you from slipping on wet floors.

How can I compare different towel collections?

Aside from choosing between different colours and styles, towel collections are offered in different fabric weights. Here at Spotlight, you'll find towels ranging from 400 to 800 GSM or grams per square metre, which is how fabric weights are measured. A higher number means the towel fabric has a higher thread count, which makes it more absorbent, and also much thicker and softer. Most of the time, the different towel sizes in a towel collection will be offered in the same fabric weights.



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