Can I purchase toilet roll holders at Spotlight?

Yes, you can. Make sure your toilet roll is always close at hand with one of our toilet roll holders. At Spotlight, you can find wall-mounted toilet roll holders that will hold one roll, as well as freestanding toilet roll holders that can be placed next to the WC and will hold three or four toilet rolls, ideal if you have a large number to look after.

Toilet roll holders come in a variety of styles and designs and these essential fittings are both practical and functional. It's worth considering the design of your space when choosing your toilet roll holder, to make sure the toilet roll holder is placed in the optimum position. A classic wall-mounted design is perfect for bathrooms with a traditional design.

Most toilet roll holders can be fixed to the wall using a strong adhesive or suction cups or wall-mounted with hidden fittings to create a neat, seamless appearance. They do not have to support a great deal of weight so can be placed on most types of interior wall.

Should I have more than one toilet roll holder in the bathroom or WC?

Year ago, extra toilet rolls within the bathroom were considered unsightly, which resulted in a variety of colourful toilet roll storage options including embroidered wall hangers and toilet roll dolls. These days, if you do not have a cabinet to place the spare toilet roll holders in, it is perfectly OK to display your spare toilet rolls on a shelf, in a box or on a basket.

Some hotels have taken to using double toilet rolls or pacing an extra wall mounted toilet roll holder near to the WC, and this is also a style that can be adopted at home, as well as the freestanding toilet roll holder that is ideal for stacking several spare toilet rolls.

Which way should the toilet roll face when it is hung on the holder?

This is one of life's unanswered questions - should toilet rolls be hung so they roll down the front, or so that they roll down along the wall at the back? The internet is full of discussion on this topic and there seems to be no definitive answer. While many people agree that the forward rolling toilet roll is more aesthetically pleasing, people with cats, puppies and toddlers know that having the roll feeding from the back can prevent a lot of mischief, and mess, as it is not so easy for small paws or fingers to unwind the toilet roll!

Does Spotlight sell other bathroom accessories too?

Yes, Spotlight has a huge collection of bathroom accessories available in a wide range of styles, materials and prices to suit every budget. Browse our complete bathroom accessories collection for everything you need in your bathroom, shower room, or WC.



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