Can I buy toilet brush holders at Spotlight?

Yes, you can. Unlike many other bathroom accessories, toilet brushes have long been considered as something of that should be shamefully hidden away behind the toilet bowl. But no longer! Toilet brushes are an essential in any bathroom, WC or cloakroom and you don't have to settle for a plastic loo brush that will quickly become grubby.

Investing in a good quality toilet brush and holder means they're easy to keep clean and will stand the test of time (so you won't need to replace it so often). A solid toilet brush and holder can, in fact, be a sophisticated addition to your bathroom. Like most bathroom accessories, you can pick out a toilet brush holder from the same range as your other accessories to ensure they all work together to create a coordinated look.

How to clean your toilet using a toilet brush:

Follow our simple step by step guide for a sparkling fresh toilet!

1. Lift up the toilet seat and squirt your toilet disinfectant around the rim and sides, letting it dribble down the bowl. Scrub with a toilet brush, spreading the liquid all around the bowl as you go. Set aside the brush and leave the disinfectant to work for a few minutes.

2. While the disinfectant is doing its thing, clean around the tank, hinges, all the parts of the toilet seat and the base as well. Remember to lift up the lid and spray both sides of the seat, as this area can be a key source of lingering odours.

3. Grab your toilet brush again and give the toilet bowl a second scrub, focusing on key areas like underneath the rim and down into the u-bend. When finished, flush the toilet, using the fresh water to clean off the toilet brush.

4. Shake off excess water from the toilet brush before putting it back in its holder.

How do I ensure my toilet brush and holder are free from bacteria?

Even though you will mostly use the toilet brush together with a detergent, toilet brushes can still pick up germs when positioned in their holders, so make sure you pay attention to the toilet brush holder on a regular basis too. Remove any residual water that may have dripped from the brush, clean with anti-bacterial detergent and clean with very hot or boiling water before letting it dry.

Replace your toilet brush once it becomes stained or tatty - not only is that better for the hygiene in your bathroom or WC, it will also avoid you being embarrassed if guests decide to use the toilet brush in your home!

Does Spotlight sell other bathroom accessories too?

Yes, check out our whole collection of bathroom accessories in a wide range of styles, designs, materials and colours to suit any style.



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