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How To Get A Shower Curtain That Will Last

Most people see shower curtains as a temporary fix; this to prevent water from leaving the shower and ending up all over the floor. Shower curtains can be quite temporary if they are not maintained properly. Yet, choosing a shower curtain of excellent quality and keeping your shower curtain clean will do wonders for its durability.

Where To Get Shower Curtains?

There are many places where you could obtain quality shower curtains. In fact, customers can access a wide range of shower curtains at Spotlight.

Shower curtains online Spotlight provides a full range of shower curtains, which means you can buy online. Shopping online for shower curtains has its benefits, as you can easily get a full overview of available options. You can even filter results according to price.

Buying unique shower curtains – buying your shower curtains online also provides you with some unique choices. If you want something different from the basic white shower curtains you can encounter in many hotels, why not choose a printed option instead?

Choosing from shower curtains for sale – when you browse a range of cool shower curtains, you may wonder how to go for the best option. Ideally, you want your shower curtain to complement or blend with your current interior design. Of course, you can also choose a shower curtain that complements your personality.

How Much Is A Shower Curtain?

The current prices for shower curtains are usually affordable across the board. Of course, there can be fluctuations in price; this depending on the material used for shower curtains. In our next section, we take a deeper look into the different types of materials and benefits.

What Type Of Shower Curtain Is Best?

Shower curtains can be made from a variety of materials, which can influence their properties as well as their appearance.

Mildew-resistant fabric shower curtains: fabric shower curtains are very popular. While you may believe they are not as suitable for a humid environment, fabric shower curtains can be treated with different finishes to make them some of the most functional. A prime example is the mildew-resistant shower curtain, which can prevent the formation of mildew on the fabric.

Pocketed vinyl shower curtains: most pocketed shower curtains are made from a vinyl material; this makes it easy to clean and maintain your shower curtain with a damp cloth. This type of curtain also contains pockets, giving you lots of space to store shower accessories, brushes, and even shampoo bottles. Naturally, you can find these shower curtains without pockets as well, which will be advertised as simple vinyl shower curtains.

Choosing for your bathroom décor: when you choose your curtain, do not solely think about properties and benefits. You should also incorporate your bathroom’s décor. Look at the colours and styles that dominate your bathroom to choose the best-fitting shower curtain and material.

Choosing your bathroom accessories: please note that you may need some accessories to install your shower curtain; this may include a shower curtain rail, shower curtain rod, or shower curtain rings. These accessories can also be found at Spotlight.

How Long Should Shower Curtains Be?

You may wonder how long you shower curtains should be? The answer can depend on the overall height of the shower rail. If you do not have one installed yet, take the measurements from the location where your shower rail will hang.

Shower curtains are available in a variety of sizes; this goes from regular to long and extra-long. The exact measurements of a shower curtain are usually displayed in an online catalogue or on the label of the packaging; this ensures you get the right size for the job at hand.

Cleaning Your Shower Curtain

Some homeowners never maintain their shower curtain and simply obtain a new one after a couple weeks; this due to the fact that shower curtains are relatively inexpensive and always have some new designs to take advantage of. That being said, if you want to get the most from your purchased shower curtain, there are easy ways to keep your shower curtain clean.

Most shower curtains can be removed from their rail and placed in the washing machine. However, certain materials need to be tackled carefully. Plastic materials are a fine example. Plastic can melt under extremely hot temperatures, so always wash this kind of shower curtain in a low-temperature wash (maximum 40 degrees Celsius). When unsure, always check the label attached to the shower curtain.

Please note that friction can be a problem during the washing process; this due to the fact that the plastic or treated fabric can be quite slippery. If you want to get the most from the wash and remove any stains, add two towels to the washing machine to get the necessary friction for a decent and thorough wash.



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