Catering has never been so easy! Serve your favourite dishes on unique trays, platters & bowls with Spotlights range of servingware & serveware sets.

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Can I purchase serving ware at Spotlight?

Yes, you can. Whether you are serving an intimate dinner for two or catering for a large gathering of friends and family, we have all your serving options covered! Choose from plastic, china, ceramic, glass, wood and other materials for everything from rustic to refined dining experiences both indoors and outside.

What types of serving ware should I use?

That very much depends on your styles, the number of people you need to serve and your budget. Many dining sets these days do not include serving dishes. In the old days, you would get some platters, some (covered) vegetable dishes, and a gravy boat as a minimum with every dining set. Nowadays, we often bring pots and casserole dishes straight to the table, but for some occasions you will want to have some medium to large bowls to serve salads, bread, pasta or rice. You can use wooden boards to double up as serving platters for cold meats and cheeses, and even wicker or rattan baskets can be used to present food attractively (use a napkin or cloth to stop food staining the material).

What else should I consider when choosing serving ware?

Serving ware should be practical as well as stylish. Some things to consider are:

Covers:Food keeps hot longer in a covered dish, and covers are also a great idea if you are planning to eat outdoors, to keep flies and insects off the food.

Microwave and dishwasher safe:Save yourself time and effort by making sure that the items you use often can be cleaned in the dishwasher, and that you can heat food up in the microwave too.

Add some height:Adding some height to your buffet or serving table with a pedestal dish or cake stand is always very effective. Take a look at our large trifle bowl on a foot (also great for serving salad, fruit or other desserts).

Upsize your serving spoons:There is nothing worse than trying to fish a too-small spoon or fork out of a dish of food on the buffet table. If you are catering for large numbers, make sure you have some large utensils that will not slip down the bowl before all the guests have served themselves!

Oven to tableware:

Many serving dishes can be used to prepare meals in and serve them at the table - think of quiche and flan dishes, roasting trays, ceramic pasta dishes or even coloured enamel pans or Dutch ovens. Pyrex and other oven-proof glass dishes are also great for serving meals straight from the oven.

Does Spotlight sell other serving ware too?

Yes, you will also find items here for serving drinks, as well as a wide range of party essentials including disposable plates, bowls and cutlery, so whatever your serving needs, you will be able to find the right items here at Spotlight - browse our whole kitchen and dining range today!



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