Serving Platters & Trays

Transport, present and display all your food in style using our beautiful serving trays and platters from Spotlight. Browse our serving dishes today!

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Can I buy Serving Platters and Trays from Spotlight?

Yes, you can. At Spotlight, we have so many different ways that you can transport, present and display your food with a whole host of serving platters and trays that will make your food look amazing. Whether you are looking for a sturdy, stylish platter or disposable trays for your next party or event, then you are sure to find the perfect solution for your serving problems amongst our collection of serving ware at Spotlight. Shop online or at your local Spotlight store today for top quality serving platters and trays at our guaranteed lowest prices.

What is included in this range?

Present delectable meals and delicious snack with our range of platters and serving dishes, with a whole host of options available. There are so many varieties of serving platters and trays, and the one that you choose depends on your personal needs. We even have a range of unique food holders that have specifically with individual foods in mind. For example, check out our selection of platters to serve cheese or those that have been designed specifically for chips and tips. Speciality serving trays will enhance your food presentation, and there are a number of options at Spotlight. Wooden serving trays are durable and can add a sense of rustic elegance to your arrangement, although foil trays can be used for cooking, roasting, or serving a whole host of delights. This selection contains simple, elegant pieces alongside those that will add a splash of colour to your buffet table. Some of these gorgeous trays could also be used within your home. Pop one next to your bed for all your essentials, or underneath your favourite plant for a fabulous decorative touch.

Which serving platter or tray would be the right choice for me?

Well, that is a matter of personal preference really! The platter or tray that you choose depends on what you intend to serve and when/ Disposable trays are the perfect option for parties, and tidy up time will be quick and easy. Alternatively, check out our range of disposable foil trays. Ideal for roasting meat without having to clean up that greasy baking tray when you are done. From elegant white porcelain serving plates that would be ideal for a formal affair to those which have been purposely designed for serving tapas. Wooden trays for your trinkets or platters for your cheese, we are certain that you will find the perfect solution for your serving problems amongst this fabulous selection at Spotlight.

How should I clean my new Serving Platters and Trays?

Well, that depends on which of our serving platters or trays that you choose, with some of these options being disposable. Always check the care instructions that come with your product before cleaning it. For plastic platters and trays that are not disposable, or wooden ones it is not recommended that you wash them in the dishwasher as the heat can damage the item. Simply wash with hot soapy water and dry with a clean cloth. Only use a soft sponge or cloth as bristles or scouring pads could result in scratches. You can also oil wooden trays and platters to protect the wood and prevent it from drying out. Always avoid the use of harsh chemicals, such as chlorine and bleach.



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