Our collection of quilts include hypo-allergenic, pure wool, as well as quality feather & down quilts. Shop quilts, doonas & duvets at Spotlight now!

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Can I purchase quilts at Spotlight?

Yes, you can! Spotlight offers an extensive range of quilts both online and in store. We offer all usual bedding sizes and a range of different materials from man-made polyester to natural down fillings. At Spotlight, customers can find quilts from trusted household names such as Ever Rest, Tontine, Brampton House and many other leading names. Special items such as anti-bacterial and non-allergenic quilts are also included in the collection, so you will be able to find the perfect quilt here at Spotlight no matter which type of quilt you prefer.

Which type of quilt is right for me?

That will depend on a number of things, including your preferred sleeping conditions, your budget, as well as any allergies you may have. Some people prefer a heavy, thick bed cover, whereas others like a light quilt. Many people will use two or three different quilts during the year, depending on the season and temperatures in the bedroom. Man-made materials can be quite light and easy to care for, but may not be as good at regulating your body temperature as natural fillings such as feather or down. If you suffer from allergies, such as asthma or sinus trouble, or are prone to skin conditions, you may need to invest in hypo-allergenic or allergy sensitive quilt, pillow and other bedding products.

Which sizes do quilts come in?

Our quilts come in single, double, queen, king and super king sizes. Check individual products to make sure the width and length of the quilt are suitable for your bed and bed linen. If you and your partner prefer different sleeping conditions, you could consider having two separate quilts rather than one large one, because that way will enable one of you to feel warm and comfy, while the other keeps cool! Look at individual descriptions on the website or on the product labels of quilts to find out how thick your duvet is likely to be, as thicknesses may vary.

How do I care for my quilt?

Even though your quilt will nearly always be hidden inside a quilt cover, sweat, spills and stains will get through the cover and into your quilt sooner or later. Make sure you have checked the laundry instructions on your quilt to give it the right treatment, as some can be machine washed, some need to be hand washed and some need dry cleaning. Extra-large quilts may not always fit in a domestic washing machine and would need to go to a dry cleaning service. A quilt that cannot be tumble dried may take several days to completely dry out again after being washed, so make sure you have a spare quilt on hand!



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