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Spotlight's Buying Guide For Pots And Pans

Are you considering acquiring some new pots and pans for your home? Or maybe you are moving home and still need some pots and pans? Whichever it may be, this buying guide for pots and pans is bound to help you make some tough decisions.

Which Pan Material Is Best For My Kitchen?

You undoubtedly know already that there are countless materials that can be used for pots and pans. Let's take a look at the common materials you'll encounter and the benefits they deliver.

Aluminium - Aluminium is one of the best materials where heat conduction is concerned. They are also brilliant for people who need an entirely new set of pots and pans because they are moving to a new house, as they are among the most affordable as well.

We do need to mention that aluminium is a little less durable than some of the other metals used for pots and pans. So, it is likely that these will have to be replaced a lot sooner. They also don't do well with extremely high temperatures, but do heat up quickly, making them suitable for quick cooking recipes.

Stainless steel - Stainless steel is a non-reactive material, this means that you can cook acidic foods in it without the material becoming affected. On top of that, this particular material is also resistant to problems such as warping.

On the flipside, stainless steel is less good at conducting heat compared to aluminium. So, if you are using these pots to cook your dinner, you may have to wait a little longer for the heat to get on point.

Hard anodised - If you are looking for some of the best durability, hard ionised pots and pans are probably what you need. The material is twice as hard as stainless steel. Plus, it has some outstanding resistance to scratches. It also comes with a non-stick coating, which is great for various recipes.

As you may expect, hard anodised pots and pans are a little more expensive than other materials. Fortunately, you can count on Spotlight to provide you with sharp deals on all pots and pans.

Copper - When you visit a professional kitchen, it is highly likely that you will encounter copper pots and pans. The reason why copper is so popular for professional kitchens is the outstanding heat conducting properties of the material. In fact, copper pots and pans heat food in an even manner and much more efficiently than some other materials.

Since copper pots and pans are made from a relatively valuable material, you will find that they can be among the most expensive as well.

Cast iron - If you prefer to keep your food warm for longer, than a simple cast iron pot will do. Cast iron is also durable and has good resistance against scratching. On top of that, you can also use this kind of pot in the oven, which is an extra bonus.

Why Does My Hob Matter?

The type of hob you have can have an influences on the pots and pans you can use on them. Certain types of hobs do not allow proper heat conduction on electric hobs or gas hobs, so it is important to figure out which pans you can use on the hob you have.

Even though electric hobs, ceramic hobs and gas hobs tend to cover the full range of pots and pans, induction hobs are a little trickier. While you can use aluminium, hard anodised, stainless steel and cast iron, it is not possible to use copper pans. It is also a reason why many professional kitchens do not want to work on induction hobs, even though they are more effective at heating and faster than their electric equivalents.

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When you shop at Spotlight today, you are bound to take advantage of a great amount of offers and deals on pots and pans. We provide pots and pans in various materials, ranging cast iron and stainless steel to the professional copper. Since we provide the best prices on all materials, you can get the most professional pots and pans for only a fraction of the normal price. Check them out today and add a touch of professionalism to your kitchen!



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