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Spotlight offers various individual chef knives, as well as complete kitchen knife sets & knife blocks. Shop our knives & scissors online or in-store.

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Can I purchase kitchen knives and scissors from Spotlight?

If you are planning on cooking a delicious meal, you are not likely to get very far without a kitchen knife. Our selection of premium-quality kitchen knives will provide you with all that you need to chop your way to success. So whether you are making a delicious dinner for two, chopping herbs for your culinary creation, or carving a roast chicken, you are sure to find the right knife for the job here at Spotlight. Shop online or instore today for all the kitchen knives and scissors that could ever wish for at Spotlight's fabulously low prices.

Do you have any tips for choosing kitchen knives and scissors?

Choosing the right knife is important, and you must consider which of our tools is right for the job that you have in mind. There are several different types of knives available including:

Chefs/ Cooks Knife: These knives are extremely versatile and can be used to cut a wide variety of different foods. If you are going to treat yourself to just one top quality knife, one of these is a great place to start, and they are available in a range of different sizes.

Paring Knife: This is usually the smallest knife, and it is often used for peeling and trimming fruit and vegetables.

Utility Knife: This has a longer blade and can be used for wide range of everyday cutting jobs, including slicing peppers, dicing onions and chopping carrots.

Carving Knife: Carving knives have been purposely designed to ensure even slices of meat when carving into any roast or joint.

Bread Knife: A bread knife has a long blade that features a serrated edge, making it great for slicing into those fresh sandwiches or cracking upon the crust on a hot bloomer fresh from the oven. You can also use a bread knife to cut cakes and pastries, and even cooked meat if you do not have a carving knife available.

Santoku: Santoku knives originated in Japan, and they have fast become popular around the world. This is a great general all-purpose knife, with the word 'Santoku' translating to three virtues or use. So, get slicing, dicing and mincing with one of our Santoku knives here at spotlight.

Scissors: Scissors are an essential item when you are cooking, and can be used to quickly chop herbs, snip food, and even just open those pesky plastic packets.

How should I clean and maintain my knife's performance?

With proper maintenance and care, your kitchen knives can last a lifetime. It is not recommended that you wash knives in a dishwasher as the rough agitation and high heats can deteriorate the blades. Simply hand wash knives in warm soapy water, ensuring that you hold the blade away from your body. A dull knife can be dangerous as this may result in you using extra force to cut foods, which means that the knife could easily slip and cut you.

Hone your knife regularly, before each use if desired, and sharpen your knives around once a year. Store knives away from other utensils to prevent other items from nicking or ruining the blade. We advise that you wash knives immediately after use, particularly if you have been using it to cut acidic foods, as remaining juice and good particles can corrode the material and cause spotting. Finally, we also recommend that you use a knife-friendly chopping board, and you do not try to cut or chop anywhere else.

Do you have any tips for using knives safely?

Ensure that you store knives away properly and out of reach of children. Knives should be stored in a high or locked cupboard or drawer. Remember that a dull blade can be dangerous, hone and sharpen knives regularly. Clean your knives immediately after each use to prevent any cross-contamination of harmful bacteria. Most importantly, if you drop a knife, do not try to catch it and just step away, a knife can be washed easily, but you could cut yourself.



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