Keep many different foods fresh with Spotlight's range of practical mason jars and storage jars. Explore different preserving jars online or in-store.

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Can I buy jars from Spotlight?

Yes, you can. Keep your foods fresh with this fabulous selection of jars. Whether you are looking for decorative storage jars or multi-packs of plain jars to make your own jams and preserves, we are certain that you will find the one that you are looking for amongst this extensive collection. Create delicious spreads for breakfast toast, pickles and chutneys for cheese and biscuits or preserve gherkins or tomatoes so your garden's produce will last for longer. With such a huge choice available, plus great value deals and guaranteed low prices across the whole collection, shop jars online or instore today.

What is included in this range?

This range features tons of jars of all shapes and sizes, replacement lifts, labels and even a preserving starter kit to start you off on your preservation journey. Thermos food jars will help you to keep your food piping hot when you are on the go. They are a great option for taking healthy pre-prepared meals to work and school, helping you to make healthier choices and saves money. This range also includes a selection of storage jars that could be used for storing just about anything you like, with stylish and decorative options available. Store dry goods in one of our gorgeous jar sets or you could fill them with colourful stones or potpourri for home decor with a difference.

Do you have any tips for preserving foods?

Preserving food is a great way to stock up on an emergency food supply, save money, and make your very own treats. Jam, pickles and chutneys make fabulous homemade rustic gifts that your loved ones will adore. Always ensure that you clean and sanitise all of your utensils and jars before storing, check below for some handy tips on how to do this. If you are making jellies or jam use fresh fruit that is slightly under-ripened is considered to be the best. Do not over pack your jars, and ensure that you leave appropriate space between the lids and the food, around 5mm is ideal. Always ensure that you match the temperature of the food with your jar. Do not put cold food in a hot jar, or vice versa, as this can cause the jar to smash. Remove air pockets from the tops of your preserved foods by gently tapping the jars on your work surface.

What else can I do with these jars?

While these fabulous jars can be used to store food items, there is so much more that you can do with them. There are so many potential crafts with jars, have a look online for a wealth of inspiration. Depending on the jar that you choose, you could also use these examples to make your very own candles or candle holders, you could even use glass paints to give your craft a unique design. If you have an extraordinary supply of makeup brushes or pens then use glass paints to label the jars and keep them organised. For example, three jars labelled with eyes, lips and face are a cool way of keeping your brushes organised. From making beautiful handcrafted home decor items to creating your very own magical night light, and so much more, the only limit truly is your imagination!

Do you have any tips for sterilising jars?

If you are making jams and preserves, it is important to ensure that your jars have been sterilised fully before you fill them. This is essential to the success of your creation, and a properly sterilised jar will help to ensure longevity. There are many different ways of sterilising jars for jam, including the oven method. Preheat your oven to 130C/275F with a layer or greaseproof paper or newspaper on each shelf. Ensure that the paper is not near any flames. Arrange the jars on your oven shelf, so that they are not touching, and leave in the oven for at least twenty minutes. Use thick oven gloves to remove them, and make sure that your jam or preserve is as hot as the jar when you fill it up.



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