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At Spotlight, we offer beautiful hand towels and small towels that have matching face washers or bath towels! Shop the range online or in-store today!

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Where can I buy hand towels online?

Spotlight sells a huge variety of hand towels from well-known brands such as KOO, Brampton House, Canningvale, Dri Glo, Duex Fils, Adison, Luxury Living and Emerald Hill. Here you can buy individual hand towels, hand towel packs, and matching sets of towels that have hand towels as part of the collection.

What are hand towels used for?

Hand towels are small rectangular towels that are the perfect size for drying both hands after a round of washing. You'll usually see hand towels hung in bathrooms and kitchens where you're routinely getting your hands dirty and are also washing them often.

Having a hand towel always within easy reach to dry your hands off with ensures that your regular towels will remain clean and dry for the times when you really need them. If you have guests over, hand towels will provide them with a sanitary way of drying their hands in place of your used bath towels. Of course, you can use paper towels instead, but it's easy to forget to restock these when they start running low. Using hand towels also tends to be more environmentally friendly and sustainable, compared to throwing away loads and loads of paper towels that will likely never be recycled further.

What kind of hand towels does Spotlight offer?

Here at Spotlight you'll find hand towels in a variety of different styles and colours, so you won't have any problem looking for towels that match your home decor or your personal tastes.

Our hand towels are made out of 100% cotton which makes them nice and soft, and also very absorbent. We offer hand towels in different fabric weights ranging from as low as 400 to as high as 600 GSM or grams per square metre. GSM measures the number of threads used in the fabric. A higher number means the towel is much thicker and softer, and will also be more absorbent.

Our hand towels also typically come in standard sizes of 40 x 60 cm which give you just enough room to let you properly dry off both your hands.

How often should I wash my hand towels?

Compared to bath towels which typically get used once a day, hand towels are used more often throughout the day. This means they are bound to get much dirtier in a shorter amount of time. If you're concerned about dirt, germs and bacteria accumulating on your hand towels and rubbing off on your hands every time you wipe them dry, you should change out your hand towels a few times a week. If you only have a few hand towels in stock, you'll have to wash them just as frequently as you swap the dirty ones for fresh ones.

How do I purchase a hand towel from a collection?

Many of the hand towels you'll find in this product category are part of a towel collection. When you go to a towel collection's product page, you'll first have to select a style or colour before you can select a towel size. You can buy hand towels individually, or buy all the towels in a collection to have a matching set.

We also offer hand towels that come in packs of the same colour so you can easily stock up on hand towels whenever you need to.

What other towels does Spotlight offer?

Here at Spotlight you'll find a huge selection of towels ranging from regular bath towels, large bath sheets, face washers, beach towels, kids bath towels and bath mats. Click on the Bath section to view all the towels we have to offer.



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