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Find face washers for removing make-up residue, or for exfoliating your skin. Shop face towels and cloths at Spotlight to match our main towel ranges!

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Where can I buy face washers online?

Spotlight offers face washers in a variety of different styles and colours. You can pick up face washers from one of our towel collections made by quality brands like KOO, Brampton House, Canningvale, Adison, Esprit, Emerald Hill, Dri Glo and Duex Fils, among many others. We also have face washers that come in packs, so you'll never run out of clean towels for your face.

What is a face washer used for?

Face washers let you clean and dry off your face without having to rub all the oils, dirt and bacteria from the rest of your body all over your face. Using a dedicated towel for your face keeps it much cleaner which in turn minimises skin blemishes like acne. Face washers are also ideal for removing any makeup residue off of your face.

You can also use face washers to deep clean your face. Simply soak a clean face washer in hot water then wring out the excess water to make it damp and not dripping wet. Lay the hot towel on your face for a few minutes so the heat can soften up and lift the dirt and grime that's embedded in your pores. This simple procedure clears up your pores quite effectively without having to resort to expensive chemicals and treatments. This will have the same effect as going to a spa for a steam facial.

How do I add face washers from a towel collection to my cart?

When you click on any towel collection, you'll be taken to its product page. Once on the product page, click the drop down menu to select a style or colour. After selecting a style, you will be able to select the towel size that you need. All the towel collections in this product category have an option for face washers.

We also have face washers that come in sets of 6 or 12 pieces so you'll never run out of clean towels for your face.

Can I use other towel sizes as a face washer?

Face washers have the ideal size and shape for cleaning and drying off your face, and are usually the smallest towels you'll find in a collection measuring just 30 x 30 cm. You can use other towel sizes to wash your face with, but there's always a chance that you'll mistakenly use it on something other than your face. The excess size of the other towel options can also get the other parts of your body unnecessarily wet and damp, when you just want to wash your face or clear up your pores.

How do I compare and choose between different face washers?

Since most face washers share a standard size, they only really differ in their individual colours and the quality of the fabric used for each one. The face washers you'll find in this range are typically made out of 100% cotton ranging from 400 to 600 GSM, which stands for grams per square metre. A higher number means more thread and cotton is used to make the towel, which makes them thicker, softer, more absorbent and also more durable.

We also offer microfibre face washers made out of polyester and use very fine fibres. These are much thinner and lighter than regular cotton, but are even more absorbent.

What other towels can I find at Spotlight?

We offer a huge variety of towels ranging from bath towels, bath sheets, bath mats, hand towels to beach towels. Bath towels are the most common towels you'll find around the house. These are great for drying your body off after taking a shower and can also be wrapped around your head to dry off your hair after shampooing.

We also have kids bath towels which are perfectly sized for small children and are adorned with popular cartoon characters and superheroes to make bath time more fun. Our selection of large bath sheets can cover your body completely for an extremely luxurious post shower or post bath experience. If you're heading off to the beach or lounging by the pool, you'll need to take along one of our beach towels. These towels are large enough to lay down on and come in a variety of fun and colourful designs.

Hand towels are just the right size for drying off both your hands after washing them in the kitchen or bathroom. Having hand towels always hanging nearby keeps your regular bath towels clean and dry for the times when you really need them.



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