Bath Towels

At Spotlight, we pride ourselves on our extensive range of quality bath towels that are colourful and soft. Browse our bath towels online or in-store.

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Where can I buy bath towels online?

Here at Spotlight we offer a huge selection of bath towels in a variety of sizes and designs. We offer bath towels at different price points from well-known brands such as Adison, Brampton House, Canningvale, Dri Glo, Duex Fils, Emerald Hill, Esprit, Hotel Savoy, KOO, Logan & Mason, Luxury Living, Mode and Pashmina, among many others.

What kind of bath towels can I find at Spotlight?

When you browse our Bath Towel section you'll find a wide variety of standard sized bath towels that measure 140 x 70 cm. These are considered an ideal size for drying off your whole body, and can also be used to wrap around your body or around your wet hair. Most of the bath towels we offer are made out of 100% cotton, but we also sell extremely absorbent and fast drying microfibre bath towels and sports towels.

We also have bath sheets that are roughly 30% larger than regular bath towels. Because of its larger size, you can wrap a bath sheet around your entire body and not have to worry about gaps exposing your skin. The extra fabric also makes it feel more luxurious and lets you dry off much quicker with all the extra surface area it provides.

You'll also find a wide variety of square shaped face washers, also known as face cloths, which are small towels that are perfectly sized for cleaning and drying off your face. Using a separate towel for your face ensures that you won't be scrubbing any dirt or oils from the rest of your body or hair onto your face, which could lead to imperfections in your complexion.

Hand towels are about the same width as face washers but are longer and thus have a rectangular shape. These are ideal for drying off both of your hands after getting them wet in the kitchen or after washing your hands in the bathroom. When you have a hand towel within easy reach you won't have to use your bath towels all throughout the day which keeps them clean and dry for when you really need them the most.

How can I differentiate one bath towel from another?

Aside from the different sizes, colours and styles bath towels come in, you can tell how soft and absorbent a bath towel will be by checking the weight of the fabric it uses. Fabric weights are measured in grams per square metre or GSM for short. A higher fabric weight means there is a lot more thread used in the towel making it much thicker and usually more durable. Here at Spotlight, you'll find towels with fabric weights ranging from 400 to 800 GSM.

What other towels does Spotlight offer?

In addition to our bath towel collections, we also offer kids bath towels, beach towels, sports towels, hair wraps and bath mats.

Our selection of kids towels feature fun designs filled with popular cartoon characters and superheroes. Aside from rectangular towels that are perfectly sized for small children, we also have wearable kids towels that come with hoods that are great for drying wet hair, and also make bath time so much more fun and exciting.

If you're looking for beach towels, you'll be delighted with our cool and playful designs that are perfect for summer. These beach towels come in large sizes which makes them very comfortable to lay on when you want to do some sunbathing.

We also have portable yet highly absorbent microfibre sports towels that are great additions to any gym bag. And for the adults who don't want to bother with wrapping heavy towels over their wet hair to dry it off, we also offer microfibre hair wraps that are worn like shower caps and are extremely absorbent and effective.

Finally, we have a wide variety of bath mats that are made from the same cotton materials many of our towels are made from. These bath mats will make sections of your bathroom floor much cosier to stand on and are great for drying off your feet when you get out of the shower.



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