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Wrap yourself in a soft and fluffy bath sheet after a luxurious soak in your bath! Discover our range of bath sheets at Spotlight online or in-store.

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What is the difference between bath sheets and bath towels?

The main difference between bath sheets and bath towels is their size. Bath sheets typically measure 160 x 80 cm while bath towels measure 140 x 70 cm. This makes bath sheets roughly 30% larger than a regular bath towel.

Why are bath sheets necessary?

Bath sheets are generally thought of as a more luxurious version of regular bath towels. Their larger surface area makes them very absorbent and more effective at drying off every part of the body.

Because of its size, you can comfortably wrap your entire body in a bath sheet while barely showing any skin. Bath sheets can be very useful if you need to cover yourself up completely while putting on your clothes in a public or communal shower setting. Bath sheets can also make for great beach towels since they're big enough to cover your entire body while changing in and out of your swimwear, and are the perfect size to lay down on the sand for some sunbathing.

What are the downsides of bath sheets?

While bath sheets are great for wrapping around your body, their size makes it really difficult to wrap around your wet hair. Bath sheets will also hang much lower than a regular bath towel when placed on a towel rack. If you're always in a hurry, bath sheets can be more of a handful to use on an everyday basis compared to a regular bath towel. Because of the extra material used in bath sheets, they tend to be a bit more expensive than bath towels and other smaller sized towels.

What type of bath sheets can I find at Spotlight?

Here at Spotlight you'll find a huge selection of bath sheets in various styles and colours. We carry bath sheets from a number of different brands like KOO, Brampton House, Luxury Living, Esprit, Dri Glo, Duex Fils, Adison, Pashmina and Hotel Savoy, among many others. When you browse our towel collection, you'll find towels made out of 100% cotton ranging in weight from 500 to 600 GSM or grams per square meter. We also offer bath sheets and towels made out Egyptian cotton.

You can buy individual bath sheets by clicking on any of the towel collections listed in this product category then selecting a particular style or colour from the drop down menu. Once you've selected a colour, you'll be able to select the different types and sizes of towels available in the collection and add your selection to your cart.

If you're looking for matching towel sets, you can purchase all the towel sizes offered in the collection. You can also mix and match or buy multiple towels of the same type and colour depending on your particular tastes and needs.

What other towels does Spotlight offer?

Aside from bath sheets, Spotlight offers a huge variety of towels designed for specific purposes. Check out our Bath section and you'll find bath towels, hand towels and face washers in their standard sizes with lots of colour options to complement your bathroom decor. We also have beach towels and bath mats in various colours and print designs.



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